Smart Business

The continued strength in network and service provider communications means maintaining a secure business or home network is now more cost effective than ever, meaning more of us can benefit from intelligent, reliable technology.

Nakuona has the expertise, inspiration and technology to give you control of any number of practical applications from wherever you like, whenever you like, safe in the knowledge that your business and assets are safe and secure.

SMART Safety Solutions for passenger & small vehicles!

The purpose of the tire pressure monitoring system in your vehicle is to warn you that at least one or more tires are significantly under-inflated or over-heating, possibly creating unsafe driving conditions.


  • Peace of mind knowing that your tires, your only contact with the road, are inflated properly for optimum performance and handling.
  • Monitor displays current tire pressures for all tires.
  • Tire pressure is constantly monitored, while moving or parked.
  • Alerts to dangerous low-pressure situations with both a visual and an audible alert.
  • Two thresholds of low tire pressure warnings – a double threshold of safety.
  • Greater stability, handling and braking with tires properly inflated. Tires with low air pressures skid and hydroplane more easily.
  • Each year majority of accidents are attributed to low tire pressure & tire burst due to over-heating.

Fleet Management & Fuel Monitoring

We stock a wide range of vehicle GPS tracking systems at competitive prices so whatever your budget you’ll find the perfect device with us. Vehicles are a huge investment whether they are for personal or commercial use.
Fuel control system and Fuel saving system (Fuel consumption Monitor).

Our Fuel Monitoring System benefits:

  • High-precision measurement of fuel level in tank, and gives detail information about fuel tank fueling and draining
  • Prevents fraud, draining and unauthorized use of fuel.

Remote Monitoring & Backup

CCTV Monitoring makes it possible to be proactive in preventing crime rather than having to react after an event has taken place. Monitored CCTV systems are connected to a central Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), which is staffed with many security experts, keeping you and your building protected all year round.